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    Default Registry DNA testing and a question about RPSI passports

    I'm not sure which registry inspection I'm going to, and I think it's too late for me to do DNA for this year. I don't own my new 2 YO filly's dam, whose owner is being nice enough to help me with registration although I did not buy from the breeder.

    Filly is eligible OLD/NA if registered this year as a two year old, or for a passport with RPSI as stallion is in studbook II (Ironically, the filly is more than 50% Hanoverian, but hey, that's a topic for the WTF registry).

    If she ends up going to RPSI I won't have her branded as she'd only be eligible for half a brand (we need to remember to include those in the WTF registry, but perhaps we could charge half as much). My RPSI question is, what's the difference between an RPSI passport and an OLD NA certificate of pedigree? She'll be a hunter (Good Lord willing), so USDF awards don't matter to me.

    My dna question is, do I order the dna test now, not knowing which registry it's for? If I order kits from the RPSI people and she ends up going ISR next year (3 year olds are not eligible for OLD NA) then will the results work for them as well, or will I need new tests?

    Anyone have any idea how long it takes? I have asked the registries so many questions, and they have been more than accommodating, but I'm hesitant to ask if the dna results are good for another registry.

    TIA. I have read through the websites at length and feel like I know more than I ever wanted to about registries. Breeders, I applaud you. Holy paperwork, Batman.

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    Where are the filly's sire and dam approved for breeding? Book II with RPSI is only recorded for pedigree purposes, not approved for breeding. That's the place to start. If you can only get a COP from either registry, and I assume an RPSI Passport if the stallion is only in Book II is basically a COP, why not register her PHR? That will give you awards even for hunters, I believe.
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    Was the dam approved into one of the ISR/OLDNA mare books?? Is the sire approved with ISR/OLDNA?? This the the final year for getting registration papers on your 2 year old so I would make every effort to do so this year. If you don't have the DNA done at the inspection they will hold the final paperwork until you get it to them. You pay an additonal fee of I think $20 for incomplete paperwork. My DNA results were not there the day of the inspection so I had to pay the extra fee, and the results were in my mailbox the next day!! Oh well. ---"Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts." --- Winston Churchill

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    Feb. 4, 2001
    Member of both the Southern California and Michigan clique - currently residing in Grand Rapids, MI


    The dam has not been inspected (she is a branded Old/NA with no papers due to original owner issues, nothing to do with current owner who posts on this board, and has been nothing but wonderful), and is due with a foal late this summer. The stallion is approved Old/NA and is in Book II RPSI.

    I think I'm going to start DNA and take her to the Old/NA inspection this summer. If an RPSI passport is basically the same as a COP, I'd rather take her Old/NA. I can't state strongly enough how helpful they have been in this situation, they've really tried to locate the dam in the registry to no avail.

    Thanks so much for the information about delayed dna - that solves that problem!

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