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    Default Fuzzy back?

    What could cause anotherwise seemingly healthy horse to still have fuzz on his sides and back in the middle of the summer?
    Rest of the horse is shiny, he has been dewormed, gets good quality hay, 3 lbs of Ultium/day + Equipride. He is 6, is turned out in large paddock, good eater, ridden almost daily...
    Need another round of dewormer perhaps?
    "When life gives you scurvy, make lemonade."

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    If I was having this problem, I would think of:

    (1) Could my horse need a Power Pak?
    (2) Is he getting any grass at all?
    (3) Could I be under de-worming him because I do not have his weight
    figured correctly?

    If all those questions are addressed and I still have the problem, I would then ask the vet what to check next?

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    My girl , too , is continuing to shed the "fuzz" you refer to. I was about to panic. She is an "easy keeper", cresty neck( Quiessence took care of that) and her sister is IR. She's on a low starch feed, etc, etc. Well, when my vet came for another problem she said here in the NE she has seen dozens of horses that just haven't shed out well this year. Spring was non existant, we've had rain and cooler weather for most of May and June and July, so far is about 5degrees cooler than normal( THAT i'M NOT complaining about). The weather has just screwed up their clocks and if everything else checks out as previous poster suggested, chock it up to maybe the weather- if you've had a similar spring to us. My girl looks great, shiny, good weight, etc, but just has a bit of fuzz that I take off every time I groom her. good luck with your horse and hope the problem is a simple explanation.

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    Is this the one you found the roundworm from?
    If so, that'd be on the top of the list.

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