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    Default Building a windbreak wall--considerations?

    I have a three-sided shed that is ideal in most weather, but not when winter wind really starts rolling. I'm considering extending the wall of one side to deflect the wind from rolling in, but I'm not sure about the design and the end effect on, well, wind physics. I'm trying to prevent causing a bigger problem, like a mini tornado as the wind hits it and goes up and over. I'm also not sure what would be the best materials to use.

    Unfortunately, a tree break is not an option, due to the lay of the land and the fence line. I also have a horse who would gladly strip the leaves and bark off any tree within reach.

    Life would be infinitely better if pinatas suddenly appeared throughout the day.

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    Talk to your extension agent, as they take courses in wind break construction and placement, depending on too many factors to just give advice over the internet.

    We have U type windbreaks, L type, V type, all depending on your geographical area, your prevailing winds, other structures around.

    Always remember that windbreaks generally protect about double the lenght in front, of the height you make them, before you have other to consider.

    One example of a wind problem for us was the wrap around snow drifts in our West end of the barn/shed.
    We got around it by building an extension to the West wall.
    On the East side, we don't even have a wall on that end of the overhang, we never get any snow and rarely rains from that direction.

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