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    Apr. 10, 2006
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    Default WEG Housing

    Here's an article from today's Lex. Herald-Leader discussinig WEG housing, especially renting out your home.

    What may be of most interest is that hotels won't take reservations more than 1 year ahead of time (in this case, Sept. 25).

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    Sep. 27, 2006


    Wow. I can't believe the prices!
    How long do you think the average person will be in town for WEG, 2 weeks? You could damn near BUY a house for what people will be paying for a rental!
    Shame I am not closer...... LOL!
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    Jul. 30, 2008


    I wonder if I could rent out my dorm at UK...

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    Feb. 28, 2006
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    Yeah, but if you really read the article they are cautioning people with the $$$ in their eyes as to what their place might NOT be worth. My Mom traded homes with people she knew from her travels and it worked well, but her home was very sparsely furnished and she had a routine all set up, cleaning service, yard care, pool care and maintenance, as did her "tradees".
    I have an invitation in to my first trainer to park her travel trailer here but that is as far as I am going. I'm actually planning to vacation at home the whole time and skip the crowds.
    I'm a little worried based on some threads here that the organizers aren't all "organized" yet - but it is more than 12 months out.
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