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    Feb. 11, 2008
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    Default Why!?! Pity party!

    Let's just say that I'm pretty bummed. I feel kind of selfish, too. Ugh!

    After having my horse in a serious training program for a few years I decided she needed to unwind a bit. So, I moved her to a more relaxed (ie, retirement facility) for a few months. Everything is looking great.

    Gave my 30 days notice. Found a new barn I absolutely love. Have all the plans in order. Managed to lighten my course load in school so I can actually ride more.

    Now what? Get a call and email (while finishing a paper in the library) saying that my horse is lame. BO called my mom and got the okay to have a vet do a thorough exam to see what the problem is. Regardless of the outcome I'm still moving my horse...that situation just isn't working for me anymore.

    My horse has never had any lameness or health issues. I'm kinda worried honestly. If the vet agrees that there is a lameness problem would I be able to trailer her back to my family farm?

    Any suggestions on reliable haulers in Central Texas? Even if it is just a good friend with a truck/trailer wanting to make some extra $$$.

    Suggestions? Advice?

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    Equine Express has been a great hauler for me. However, it sounds like you're getting a bit ahead of yourself--who knows, maybe it's an abcess, or a sprain that will be fine in another 30 days. Wait for a vet report before you panic too much; you've been very lucky to have a horse that's never had an issue, most of us have to deal with that occasionally . Hope that it's nothing serious and she's good as new soon!

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    The only thing that may change is when you can move her. If it's something as bad as a bowed tendon, you'll need to wait 30-60 days. But it could be something as little as an abcess or pulled muscle. In that case, just continue to plan as scheduled. Besides, she'll likely recover faster at her quiet new home.
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