I have a sound 14 y/o TB that is so big boned he could EASILY pass as a WB. I don't have the time right now that he needs and would be willing to offer him for a free lease or even a free half lease (I could still have time to ride him about twice a week). In his prime he did the children's jumpers with me, but when I went to college and left him home with my trainer, his brain was fried from jumping. Thus, I would prefer him to do dressage right now. We used to take basic dressage lessons together to help get a good foundation for jumping, so he isn't a complete stranger to it.

I would ask the leasor to pay board and shoes. An off-site lease would have to be approved. Right now he is in Charlton, NY.

He is not a beginner ride. Most days he is really lazy, but if he has a 4 or 5 days off he can have a "thoroughbred" day. He always works out of it. Overall, a wonderful guy and VERY handsome! I hate to see him sitting doing nothing.