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    Default Spinoff from ACE thread; Drugs to keep on hand

    After reading the post about not giving ACE to a horse while waiting for the vet to arrive to euthanize the horse, it made me wonder what drugs we should keep on hand. My vet has given me banamine, dormosedan, and ACE for colics and sedation, but what do the more experienced horsepeople and vets on here recommend in case of traumatic injury?

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    I wouldn't feel comfortable giving a critically injured or very sick horse a heavy tranquilizer. Sedating stressed horses seems very unpredictable to me from all I've heard, and my level of comfort is just not high enough to wing it. I'd go with something as strong as I had on hand for pain, keep the animal (and the people) as safe as possible, and get the vet out ASAP. Or if there was no other alternative I'd borrow a gun from the neighbor . . .
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    I think there is going to be a lot of variables here. I live in the middle of nowhere, and even my emergency vet can't be here in less than 30 minutes. My regular vet *expects* me to keep a fully stocked pharmacy, she also expects me to consult w/her before using the majority of the items in it.

    I cannot say what I would do in the case of a traumatic injury without knowing all the details; I can say that I would be running for my drug bag and dialing the phone at the same time. If I could not get ahold of either of them and I felt that pain relief needed to be administered I would do that. If I thought the horse needed to be tranquilized, I would do that.
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