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    Default 2 skin related questions... scratches and "hives"

    Problem 1:

    Chestnut + white hind legs = scratches. He seems to get scratches almost every spring/summer, regardless of how much I clean and clip his legs. It has been unusually wet lately and although he hasn't been outside much, his scratches are getting out of hand. His stall is clean and dry. I don't wash his legs w/ Microtek unless I have to bathe him after riding (trying to keep them as dry as possible), and but I put Microtek gel on every day. I've tried Microtek and MTG; neither seem to be helping.

    My old vet used to mix up some sort of chlorohexidine (nolvasan) and DMSO mixture that I would soak gauze in, then smother in furazone, then sweat overnight (if I remember correctly). Does anyone know the dilutions and/or proper procedure? I remember this worked REALLY well on his scratches!

    Any other ideas?

    Problem 2:

    Horse has been getting small bumps over his entire body (sometimes they are worse than others). It looks like rain rot (very small bumps), but they aren't scabby, and they go away when I give him Benadryl. I'm not sure what's causing it... he only recently moved to this barn, but he's been bedded on white pine shavings most of his life and he's eating the same grain. The hay doesn't appear to have any unusal weeds... the only difference is that it's a much wetter climate and he isn't getting as much turnout as he used to. I can't figure out any sort of pattern for when he gets the bumps vs. when he doesn't. Anyone ever see something like this before? Should I just give him Benadryl as needed? Are there any other products that would be better for him (TriHist or HistAll?) or is Benadryl ok? My vet said I could give him as much as 20 twice a day (25 mg) but 10 seems to do the trick.

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    Read this Thread and then try it. It won't hurt and just might be the answer.

    Re: Scratches. My co-border went out of town so I was caring for her pink-skinned APHA. He had bad inflamed scratches to both rear fetlocks.

    I used the Double Dose Equimax Protocol on day one along with a careful regimen of once-a-day gentle washing with Nolvasan Surgical Scrub, then rinsing and drying completely.

    I applied a thick blob of: 2 Parts Desitin, 1 Part Triple Antibiotic & 1 Part Yeast Infection Cream to the affected area, cover with a maxi pad and a roll of vet wrap (down around the hoof and up the pastern). The vet wrap kept the medication on and the sun off (photosensitivity aggravates it). In four days, it was cleared 100%. (If it was going to rain, I didn't wrap.)
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