Noticed one of my young horses looking a little funky behind. They're all a little far out on their trim cycle. I noticed this one was dragging the left hind toe. I thought, huh, maybe it's a break over problem since it's about 6 1/2 weeks since the last trim.

So, I bring the horse in and clean up his feet some with the rasp.

I notice that not only is his toe a bit long, but when I rasp down his heels which seemed a little high behind, he had bruising at the very back of his bars. Right up against the bulbs of his heel. Like maybe 1/4" in diameter size bruises.

When I lounged him for a minute to see how he looked after getting his toe back in line, he looked a lot better, so part of it must have been the break over, but why the bruising? I would have thought if anything his toe would have shown some bruising, not the heel?

Oh locomotion experts, please help explain this to me

Time for hind shoes?