Due to time and recent health issues, I've brought myself to try and lease out my one paint horse. Mainly though the winter.

Everything in a nutshell!
He's a 10 year old Paint X gelding, Bay/white. Stands about 15h. (Yes, a hony ) I've had him since he was a baby, Jumps 2'6 comfortably. But needs work, works comfortably in a Dee ring . I've had some recent health issues and have pretty much come down to I don't have the strength to make him do what needs done, or the ability anymore (It's been a good 6 months since I've really ridden hard.) So, with that said, he DOES NEED AN EXPERIENCED rider, with a strong leg. But he moved willingly when you get him right. He's been off for some time now so he definitely needs a 'tune up'. He has a pony mind - meaning he'll test you until he knows you mean business after that he'll do whatever you want. With Fall & Winter coming I'm worried he won't get the rides or exercise he needs, he's a kind of horse who enjoys his job, and gets grumpy when isn't in a constant program (ridden at least 4-5Xs a week)

"Toby" has had some problems these past two years, but are now 100% under control. He has to be on a specific grain, Pennfield Cool-N-Lite (I will provide). Also being an IR horse he can't have many carrots or apples, but he loves apple wafers and shredded wheat with that occasional 'very good boy' bit of apple or carrot. Also he goes out with a muzzle but is fine with it. Also needs front boots when riding, he has splits but if booted and jumped 3x's or so a week do not bother him and haven't for about 4 years + now.

He does have a bit of a temper, but not bad... Just makes his opinion known.

I'd like to keep him around Chester Co. & Berks Co. So I could come and visit (He's boarded at a farm in Elverson right now) I'd like to find someone with an indoor or well footed outdoor to keep him in work. If anyone has any interest or further questions please Email me at Fordf150jd@yahoo.com or PM me and I will go into more detail. I've never listed a horse for sale/lease so bare with me... I'm new!!