Hi All!

I am gearing up for our late summer riding and horsemanship program (time is flying by this year at an alarming rate!). Anyway, I had a nice five page list with all sorts of horsemanship questions that I give out to our riders. Everything from horse care like " what are 3 symptoms of thrush?" to famous people and horses like "who is the current president of the USEF?" to "how many feet apart should trot poles be set?" etc. etc.

Anyway, I hadn't checked the document since last summer and now I am remembering that my computer crashed and I got a new one on which that particular file wasn't backed up and now it is lost. Ack.

If anyone has a compilation that I could use, I would be so grateful! Email the document as an attachment if you could to jcollins@mtholyoke.edu. Thanks.