Im looking for a horse/pony that i first started to learn to ride on, His name is Dreamer and is a Paint(chestnut/bay/white) gelding. I started to ride him on what used to be part of "Idawild Farm" off of 424 or Davidsonville Rd in Davidsonville MD, but the farm was sold, and is now known as Kalidascape. Which i now ironicaly board my some of my horses at. I never thaught id make it as far in ridding as i have, and i would love to revisit this truely amazing guy if he is still around.

I was inlove with this boy, im not quite sure how many hands he would be as i was little back then(11-12 years ago), and every horse/pony was huge compared to me. But im pretty sure he was on the boarder of being a horse or pony. He was one of the barns lesson horses, along with another horse i learned to ride "Joey" which was either a palomino or a buckskin gelding. I was told on the day i came for my lesson that it would be my last lesson there, as they had sold the farm, and that dreamer and joey were being taken with one of the students or boarders of the barn at that current time. I would love to find these guys.

If you have any info what so ever please contact me, thanks so much!