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    Default Cloudy eye...

    I have a 24 year old Arab/QH mare. She has a cloudy eye which she has had about 3 weeks now. The vet came out and did a stain, etc. and has no idea what is causing this. It came on sudden as in, she went out in the morning and she was fine (per the barn owner) when I brought her in for dinner her eye was blue and cloudy. I was told to put this ointment in her eye and wait it out, or take her to the ophthalmologist, which I just can't afford right now and need to find someone with a trailer to get her there. any thoughts? They said she can see, and they said moon blindness doesn't come on suddenly so they doubt it's that???!!! I was hoping for some type of info from the vet but they had no idea. Anyone have this happen?

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    My guy's right eye is cloudy, it's been that way since I bought him. Vet says he can see fine, which is true because he jumps 3 foot courses with no problem, it's just cloudy. I don't even worry about it. I think I would have worried if I had been the one to watch it go from clear to cloudy, but luckily he just came to me like that and it's never been a problem. The vet who did the PPE on him didn't seem concerned about it at all.

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    My mare once had an infection in between her lens and cornea. The cloudiness was actually white blood cells accumulating over the bacteria. 3 days on antibiotics and the eye was clear. We did oral antibiotics and an antibiotic in the eye. She was on antibiotics for 2 weeks, but it was clear within 3 days.

    My vet, also, had no idea what it was. He happened to have a student with him that suggested it, and sure enough...

    Not saying that's what you're dealing with, but its a thought.
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    Did your vet suggest anything like Optimune? It works very well if what you are dealing with is keratitis... which can cause that kind of cloudiness, and can show up suddenly. I believe most of those are considered immune mediated. They can flare up after things like vaccinations because of that, so that is something to consider.

    You can also do an antibiotic cream (often with Dex in it unless there is any chance of an ulcer) but you definitely want veterinary advise on that before you start treating with any kind of steroid.
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    Default Thank you all...m

    my thought, when the vet could not diagnose, was it was her vaccines, because she had vaccines about a week before this you think it would take a week for this to happen? The vet didn't offer anything except the ointment, which the name escapes me now, it's doing no good anyway, but it does NOT have a steroid.
    Maybe i'll call and see what she suggests as far as the stuff mentioned here, I just want to know she's okay and I feel bad that she might not be able to see out of it!

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