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    Default Question about foreign racing papers

    So Im looking at a OTTB that was bred outside the US, but raced in the US and did quite well. This horse would not have american JC papers, right? And if the papers come with the horse-are they in the language that the country primarily speaks? The horse is from south america. I wanna know what Im looking at if/when they show me the papers on the horse so I don't get screwed. There is a reason why I want the papers but Im not going into that detail as to why.

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    The horse will have a Certificate of Foreign Registration if he raced here in the US. See info below from the Jockey Club rule book.


    * A. Horses bred outside of the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada must satisfy the eligibility requirements of Rules 1(C) and 1(D) and must obtain a Certificate of Foreign Registration from The Jockey Club when imported into the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada.

    * B. To obtain a Certificate of Foreign Registration, the owner or broker must cause the exporting country's registry to submit the following directly to the Registry Office within 60 days after arrival of the horse in the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada:
    o 1. The Stud Book Certificate or Export Certificate containing the written description and diagrams of the markings on the horse, including the exact location of the head and neck cowlicks;
    o 2. A certified copy of the horse's complete racing record. Racing records from the World Hub may also be accepted if available; and
    o 3. A valid Service Certificate if the imported broodmare is in foal.

    * C. In addition, within 60 days after arrival of the horse in the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada, the owner or broker of the horse must submit the following to The Jockey Club Registry Office:
    o 1. A check or money order payable to The Jockey Club covering the prescribed fee (see Fee Schedule);
    o 2. A completed and signed Import Registration Form containing the written description and diagrams of the markings on the horse including the exact location of the head and neck cowlicks. This form may also be submitted through Interactive RegistrationTM at;
    o 3. Four color photographs of the horse (front, both sides, and rear views) taken in this country clearly showing the color and the markings (or lack of markings) on the head, legs and body; and
    o 4. The Passport Book, if applicable.

    * D. If for any reason, the requirements are not completed within 60 days after arrival, the Certificate of Foreign Registration may be obtained only after approval of The Jockey Club and the payment of an additional fee (see Fee Schedule). A horse is not eligible for a Certificate of Foreign Registration unless all requirements, including the appropriate fee (see Fee Schedule), are received by The Jockey Club within one year of the date of arrival in the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada; provided however, under limited circumstances, late registration may be granted to a horse that has been in the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada for more than one year since its arrival provided the following conditions are met:
    o 1. The applicant sets forth in writing to The Jockey Club the reasons the applicant believes he should be relieved from the one-year registration requirement; and
    o 2. The Jockey Club determines that the applicant has sufficiently demonstrated mistake, inadvertence, excusable neglect or other circumstances which justify late registration; and
    o 3. The horse had been genetically typed in its country of birth and/or its identity can be established to the satisfaction of The Jockey Club; and
    o 4. The applicant completes all registration requirements, including genetic typing, and submits a late registration fee (see Fee Schedule).

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    My TB is from overseas and his papers look exactly like American Jockey Club papers except it says "foreign registry" at the top. Wouldn't know a difference otherwise.
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    It's funny that because my American Bred mare has a passport issued by the Jockey Club. It actually doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the standard European one, but it's still a passport.

    I think whatever country they come from, originals are handed in to the powers that be and you get back what goes with each country. As in European horses get "papers" and the American ones coming here get passports.

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