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    Feb. 18, 2009

    Default Foal born with capped hocks. Input? Advice?

    My maiden mare gave birth (2 weeks early) to an EXTREMELY leggy filly Saturday morning.

    Birth went very well, both mare and baby are bright-eyed and happy.

    The filly appears to have fluid gathered at the points of her hocks. Looks like a textbook capped hock. Both hocks are affected but one is more significant then the other.

    Filly is moving about just fine. Lays down and gets back up with ease. Prances around like a champ.

    The affected area isn't hot and doesn't appear to cause the filly any pain. The swelling is definitely fluid filled - not firm at all.

    The vet came out to do the usual check-up. I asked her about the hocks and she didn't seem worried given the fact that the filly is not exhibiting any lameness or lethargy.

    I however, am still concerned. I can find no information online about this phenomena. So, I pose the question here... Does anyone have any experience with this type of situation? I'm using a very well-respected vet but I wonder if I should go for a second opinion.

    Here is a pic. It shows the worst of the two hocks:

    Thanks all!
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