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    Jul. 20, 2007


    this doesnt have anything to do with "fashion police"...theres a difference between someone wearing last seasons helmet and not wearing proper show clothes! and yes, filling a class is different but Im assuming this person wasnt filling a medal or anything? (I once filled with a polo and show coat over it. It was indeed a last minute thing at a small show. Im sure people would have rather me done this than the class not running).....I partly love this sport for its tradition and I am proud to dress in my show clothes. Dressing properly shows respect for your horse, your trainer, your judge, your sport and yourself. If your doing a classic, all the more reason to dress properly.

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    I'm with Lucassb.

    That's funny that someone would wear a polo shirt under a ratcatcher so they could "change for the jumpers" about ridiculous. Polos certainly aren't part of a "uniform" like a show shirt (which is perfectly acceptable to ride in on it's own)!

    I agree that this could have been an odd situation (like a ripped or forgotten ratcatcher), so no point in railing on the girl without knowing. But I certainly don't disagree with the spirit of the post.

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    It seems to me that if the child was in a jumper class it would make sense to wear breeches and a show shirt with *gasp* a ratcatcher and then throw her coat over that. As a previous poster said, it isn't uniform to wear a polo shirt in the jumpers.

    Always better to be over dressed then underdressed!!

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    Wow... next thing you know people will be wearing brown coats on chestnuts....
    :::rolls eyes:::

    (but to be honest, I've got to agree with you here... ICK!)
    ...for there are wings on these hooves, the speed and power of foam-capped waves...
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    That does sound really tacky. Hopefully, the rider just had a problem with her proper outfit and had to make due with the other clothes she had instead of just thinking what she was wearing was ok all the time. If I have a jumper class and eq. class(or other formal attire requirement type class) pretty close together, I just wear my eq. outfit all day. Sure it may be more comfortable to wear a polo for jumpers, but I'd rather not ride my eq. class in a polo or hold up the ring for me to change.

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