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    Apr. 28, 2009

    Default separating buddies/single horses... wwyd?

    So... if you haven't heard me mention it a million times, we're in the process of building our barn. (and this is probably more "off course" than "around the farm" but this is my fave board) It should be done in about 2 months. The problem is this: at my moms we co-own 6 minis. I have a "big horse" and my younger sister (who is 23 and has moved one and wants nothing to do with the horses) has an old fella as well. He's about 28. He has horrible arthritis and the vet has even said she's surprised he's still around. Quality of life wise... he's give and take. Some days are worse than others, but this is a horse who still needs to be put turned out with a chain over his nose. Nothing's wrong with his back legs and he'll still rear up and pull away and take off at a dead run. He'll regret it later one when he's hurting.... but he still enjoys to play.

    Him and my big horse have been pasture buddies together for about 11 years. My horse has pulled away a little. I think he just knows the other guy is old and hurting. He acted the same way when he had epm. I think the old guy still relies a little bit on him though to feel safe. I'm torn... I can't take both of the big horses. I don't have the stalls or especially the money to do it. It would be a long shot if he could even stand up in a trailer the whole way here nonetheless actually acclimate once he got here. I hate to separate the two, but as of right now I'm driving a half hour each way every single day. Winter is horrible and nerve wracking, yet if I'm not there they might not go out, come in, eat, etc. Am I anthropomorphizing too much? They have discussed reconfiguring pastures a bit and putting in a dutch door for the old guy so he could go in his stall to feel a little safer. And who knows, he might honestly pass away before then anyway. I do kind of think it would be best for him, but I'm not in a position to make that decision and he does seem genuinely happy a LOT of times. Other times though just make me wish he would just pass away peacefully in his sleep though. I hate to be the one to take my horse and the other guy just dies... but I need the normalcy of having my horse here and being able to work a full time job, see my husband, etc. It takes about 2 hrs every single day. What would you do if it were your horse?

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    Apr. 28, 2009


    I did also want to add that Dooley, the old guy, would be staying there with the six minis the next pasture over, connecting to his. Ice, my horse, would be coming here and meeting up with a new horse that I'll hopefully be buying before long.

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    Default That's a tough one....

    well, your quality of life is suffering if you're keeping your horse over there, just to keep the old guy happy.

    You need to move your horse home, period.

    It's too bad you don't have pasture or room to let the old guy come with.

    The key would be to manage him when you take your horse away. Can someone do that? (your sister perhaps?) If he can touch and interact with the Mini's...he'll at least have some other equines to socialize with.

    I don't know what other choice you have. It's pretty clear in your note that you have to take your horse home.

    Seperating buddies is definitely not fun, but sometimes, there isn't a way around it.

    Good luck!
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