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    Default Triple Crown Safe Starch Users-I need some input!

    I have had my gelding on TC Low Starch for about two months now and like what I see, but he is highly sensitive to diet and needs as low an NSC as possible. I often wonder if I am doing the best I can by him... he is a hard keeper who does tend to lose weight when stressed. He is currently on 6 lbs. of Low Starch and 20 lbs. grass hay a day. As mentioned in the advertising for TC Safe Starch, I do get hay in small batches and from different suppliers. I am wondering who has good luck using this in conjunction with hay to keep weight on a horse. It has the same fat content as Low Starch and just slightly lower protien.

    1) Does anyone know the NSC on it?

    2) Can it be fed with hay?

    3) Is it pellet, chopped, otherwise?

    4) Any bad issues?

    Thanks guys.......

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    Hello, I bought some last time, the rep brought the wrong thing, I use the low startch and the lite. I read on the Safe starch that you had to feed 20 lbs of it per day, if feeding that only for ruffage, when talking to the rep, she mentioned that it is 9% nsc, yes, it can be feed with hay, which is what I did so I wouldn't have to use so much, just gave it as a treat, it is chopped hay, mixed with minerals and vita. I have a gelding here, boarder line IR, so he gets Low startch and the lite, all the hay he can eat through out the day. I use slow feeders, which has helped him ALOT, he is holding his weight. I fill the feeders up 1 x a day, there are 3 horses out there, each one of my feeders will hold up to 40 lbs of hay, I buy from 2 different supplies, mix the hay as I am loading the feeder. I have feeders in their stalls also, which gets them through the night....hope this helps!

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    The NSC of the safe starch is tested to always be 10% or below..this hay is designed for horses with metabolic issues or for those that have issues with high starch/sugar levels. While it was meant to be a complete feed (the sole diet ) for the horse with the added fat and vitamin and mineral pellet, many people use it as a "hay supplement". They may have it replace a portion of their regular hay knowing this hay is low in NSC and regular hays can vary greatly and you don't know what you have without getting it tested.

    Since you get hay from different suppliers it makes sense that it is not feasible to get it tested. Do you soak the hay at all? That can help reduce the starch/sugar content a bit. Since you are mentioning adding the safe starch to "keep weight on a horse" may want to try some alfalfa in the diet. Alfalfa is higher in calories then grass hays and it actually tends to be lower in NSC value than grass hays, on average. It has gotten the bad rap for making horses hot (due to higher protein content)..protein has nothing to do with making horses is starch/sugar values and calories.... a horse may feel the need to burn off extra calories from a high fat feed or from eating a lot of alf hay, but it is NOT the protein content making them that way. Adding a little alf hay could help get your horse more calories per lb of hay and it could be a lower NSC than the grass hay he is getting.

    *Perhaps you want to pick up the safe starch and replace a few pounds of your normal hay with the safe starch...a lot of people will look at adding safe starch to their horse's diet that way.

    At 6 lbs. of low starch per day he is already getting his vit/min needs met. You could keep things simple and just increase your low starch if he needs more calories or look to adding an oil. A good oil with a blend of Omega 3's and 6's are wonderful for adding weight, helping with performance, not to mention improvement to the skin, hooves, coat, hair etc. etc.
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    Thanks guys!

    Good point... I could add some oil to keep it simple. My vet cautioned against Alfalfa hay for him due to high sensitivity. He can't even handle a complete pellet with alfalfa in it .

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    Have you ever had him checked for ulcers?

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