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    Default How long to cure grass hay before feeding?

    I ran out of last years hay and this year's hay (I just purchased some orchard grass) was just cut about 3 weeks ago. It's pretty green, did not get rained on and smells good. I'm only feeding one flake of hay per horse per day this time of the year because I have so much grass. I'm afraid to use the new hay. If I cut open a few bales and spread out the flakes in the sun, will it cure faster?

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    It is cured. Or it is not hay, then it is just baled cut grass and it is going to be cooking up a storm - if the insides of the bale are not hot (warm is fine) then it is cured. Green hay is not uncured hay. The act of drying it is the curing process.

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    I second what Seal Harbor said above. It's cured before it's baled and there's no need to wait to feed it.

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    Like the others have said - it's ready to be fed. If it's burning up inside then there's a serious problem but if not then feed it. Baling wet hay is a recipe for disaster. I always feed newly baled hay right off. My hay guy does a great job and I've never had a bad bale .
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