(Besides me, that is )

A few years ago, I replaced the OEM saddle rack because it fell off the wall of the dressing room. The metal it was welded to just flat-out tore. Left me with 2 square holes in the trailer wall (that was my introduction to Bond-o).

Anyway... I replaced the rack with something else that I really like, but I hung on to the parts that fell off the trailer.

And just today, I went looking for the parts so that I could give them to a friend who might be able to use them.

And there were only 2 saddle supports.

I could have SWORN there were 3 in there originally.

So... did I lose a saddle support, or did I lose a little bit more of my mind?

How many saddle supports in a Trail-et of that era?

Mine is a New Yorker. 2H straight load, BP, with dressing room.