We will be moving up to Spokane next year and I wondered if anyone in the area could recommend me places to board ( or to stay away from! ). I'd like to make a list of places to look at for the next time we go up there.

My boarding requirements
1) Turnout! Doesn't have to be grass, but needs to be space and safely fenced. Pasture boarding is fine as long as there is shelter and a place to ride.
2)Feed twice a day
3) Indoor arena on site or close by.

I can clean my own stall if needed. I'll work to pay off my board, I'll even my my horse her own grain. I have no problem boarding at a big facility or at a person's private facility. I'm responsible and my horse has excellent manners.

Also, anyone know of a good Dressage instructor in Spokane???

I hate moving my horse, then you have to find new vet, farrier, trainer, etc... not to mention a decent place to board!