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    Default Saddles - knee blocks vs knee rolls

    I'm almost embarrassed to ask these questions, but here goes...

    First, what's the difference between knee blocks and knee rolls? Or are these terms interchangeable?

    Second, I ride hunters (up to 2'6"). I've been searching for a new saddle and am curious: when sitting centered & upright in the saddle, where should the knee rolls be in relation to the knee? I've seen saddles where the rolls are higher up on the saddle and stop/taper off right about at the point of the knee, I've seen rolls that go down the entire front edge of the saddle in front of the knee, and I've seen some that are almost a combo of both. What's right for my discipline and what's the difference? Or is it more a matter of personal taste?

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    Default All kinds of answers!

    I don't think there's a set terminology for all the internal bumps we can add to saddles' flaps.

    I think the short bumps near the top of the panel, above your knee count as "knee blocks."

    The rim you see on some, the Pessoa GenX, for example, are often called "pencil rolls."

    Which do you want? It depends on the length of your thigh and how well the saddle's flap fits you in the first place. If your thigh is long and threatening to push your knee off the front edge, you will probably want a very high. short block. Shorties like me enjoy pencil rolls, usually trying to make up for a flap cut too long and forward for us in the first place.

    The rule of thumb, IMO, is that you don't notice the blocks at all until you are landing from a fence, or camping out in two-point and finding either just a little easier than you thought it would be.

    Trying saddles, then, make sure the flap doesn't seem to push your thigh back, or the whole thing doesn't seem to pitch you forward. Both are signs of a saddle with a set of blocks or flaps that are too far back and/or too straight for your thigh and stirrup length.
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    Good question. And yes, I am still on a saddle search, thanks for all your help mvp, you are a wealth of information. Yesterday I had a friend sit in a saddle I kind of liked, then I saw...oh thats where those blocks should come! As much as I had ridden I never really thought about where they were SUPPOSED to sit, as opposed to where the do on me. Onward in the saddle search! Next stop, friend's Stubben Roxanne and STubben Roxanne VSS.

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    Sep. 29, 2008
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    Thanks for the information MVP - I'll keep it in mind in my search!

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