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    Default Rabbits on property + how to get rid of them

    I live in Fla. + have some palmettos on the property which rabbits like. I've tried to burn them + they keep coing back. The rabbits are all over the property. They carry fleas + mites. Every time it rains, the fleas come up around the house to escape the water puddles on the horse fields,+ get on the cats + I can't walk ouside without fleas biting me.. Even though I treat the cats w/ Atvantage Multi they are stil here. Any ideas. I want to get rid of the rabbits withut killing them. Thanks, Judy A

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    Oct. 13, 2008


    Good luck getting rid of them without killing them.

    My dogs take care of a good number of the rabbits in the spring when the find their nests everywhere. We have a rabbit population, but it is far, far more normal in numbers than it was when we moved in three years ago. We were OVERRUN with bunnies, the population is normal.

    Eliminating nesting areas is probably the best way to get rid of them without killing them. I think not only the dogs but my persistence in keeping weeds down and pastures mowed has also helped reduce our once out-of-control population.

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    Jack Russells work well, but they will kill them. They're probably overbreeding with all the rain you've had recently with new growth of foliage. Turn a couple of Jacks loose and the ones left will move.
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    Beagles work well too...they're great little rabbit hunters. Why not make stew out of them? I've always wanted to try rabbit, but the little buggers are too cute.
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    You wanna borrow Peanut? She's my rabbit hound. She loves rabbits. Yummy.

    I'm curious though - I've never heard of a rabbit population causing a flea problem like that. What kind of fleas are you talking about?

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    To get rid of the palmettos you have to cut them down and then dig out the roots.
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    I don't know how well it would work but one thing I recently learned is that eating mint leaves will dry up a rabbit (have used it on a doe who lost her litter at birth). So... hypothetically, you could plant some mint... if the rabbits get into it, chances are you won't be seeing the population go up as the doe's milk would dry up if not not come in at all. Doesn't help with existing rabbits though... and of course no guarantee that the rabbits would eat the mint in the first place. Just a thought since you dont' want to kill them.
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