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    Default Tall boot fit--how tall? (DerDau Contours)

    Hi everyone. I just ordered a pair of the DerDau contour boots through Smartpak and I'm not sure they are quite tall enough. Anyone out there with a new pair of boots who knows how tall is tall enough? Anyone have experience with these boots as to how much they will drop?

    I'm 5'8" and I got the size 10 slims. According to the measurements they tell you to take in the catalog, the height should be dead on. If they don't drop hardly at all, they will be perfect. Right now they hit the back of the knee pretty firmly if I sit, but if I bend my ankle they are at just the right height...which means that if they drop they will end up too low (I think).

    I'm obsessing over this because my last pair of boots (no zipper, dropped a lot) are definitely too low and look terrible! I just can't go there again.

    BTW, if anyone is looking to order these boots they are fabulous, really beautiful quality and design.

    How should a brand new pair of tall boots fit with regard to height???

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    The zipper and the single piece of leather from the heel to the top allows for a much more tapered fit. The old zipperless boots were made of two pieces of leather. The square from the heel to the ankle and the second piece from there on up. Hard to explain in words. Easy to point in out in person LOL. That extra piece made the old boots big enough in the ankle to pull on and thus the extra leather would settle in and drop. The Contour's shouldn't drop much at all. You need to wear them for at least ten days to break in the leather and let the boots mold to your leg. Enjoy! -Lara

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    tall field boots with zippers drop very little, however non-zippers drop a good inch +

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