Would love to find a horse safe for SO and grandkids to ride. I have a mare for myself but would love to be able to go riding with someone. This horse once here would never go anywhere else no matter what came up.

I owned my mares mother and grandmother, who I bought in 1970. Even if times get a bit tough we figure it out, the horse would have a permanent,safe and loving home. I do not have a barn but they have pasture 24/7 and a sturdy run-in shelter.

They have hay 24/7 all winter and also get hay through summer if needed. Grain is provided if needed. My mare gains too much weight if given any. I am very picky about the hay they are given and only buy from one person.

I have had horses for 40 yrs now so have experience with them. I used to work with a vet, had my own dairy for many yrs, inseminated cattle for ABS for 8 yrs too. I have my mare and mini donkey trimmed every 5 weeks, they are vetted each spring and whenever needed in between. I can provide excellent references if desired.

Age is not real important, don't care if it has ever been shown or how well it did if so. What I need is a healthy, safe mount, breed not a make or break deal. Draft crosses are fine. I do have a love for Canadians and my mare is a Canadian Morgan x. It would be preferable if the horse has had interaction with children and likes them. I have four grandkids who love horses and riding. My mare is too green for them to ride alone but they have been led around on her from the time they were old enough.

This horse would have an excellent home, be very much loved, and would receive all necessary care.