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    Dec. 14, 2008

    Default New Zealand Eventing Scene

    What can you tell me about eventing in New Zealand. I'm seriously considering studying abroad there and would definitely love to keep riding while I'm there. I obviously won't have a horse with me, but I would be willing to work, go to clinics, etc. The program is in Auckland.

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    Mar. 2, 2008
    Fort Worth, TX


    I studied abroad in NZ in 2007, and to be honest with you, I only sat on horses twice when I was there (had no transport other than public and no way to get to the barns), but I can tell you that whatever you do there, you should GO. It's an AMAZING country, and we traveled it up and down, including tramping through every national park. So whether you're riding or not, definitely go, and defintely TRAVEL. It's too amazing of a country to not see while you're there.

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    Nov. 15, 2005


    OMG! GO! HORSE HEAVEN!!!!!!! My husband and I spent a few weeks there last year and just absolutely loved it. We were playing - not studying so can't give you that insight but there are lots of horsie things and a few events very close to Auckland. Trudy Boyce - silver medalist at the Gawler 1986 world championships lives just north of Auckland and is just the nicest person and would be a fabulous person to introduce you to the eventing scene there. PM me .

    Bungy jump while you are there!!!!! Almost as fun as riding xc!! Scariest freakin' thing I have ever done BUT WHAT A RUSH!!!!!

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    Mar. 25, 2009


    I rode a New Zealand (imported) TB during his retirement years--he was AWESOME! The woman did upper level eventing with him, then he did dressage for a while, then retired, then came to me! Go and bring me back another one!!!

    That's also where Charisma came from.

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    Sep. 14, 1999


    Auckland seems to have a lot of horse activity. I went there a few years ago when I was horse shopping and tried a bunch of horses, and everyone was very friendly. Of course they knew I was shopping, but still, a nice bunch of people and fabulous horses. It was a great experience.

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    Auckland is loads of fun. It's on my short list of favorite cities.

    You should PM the poster known as If Wishes Were Horses. She lives there and is very well-connected.

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    Nov. 13, 2007


    Come to NZ!! Eventing scene is great over here...very social and friendly :P
    If you're going to be based in Auckland there is definetly a large group of eventers up that way, they have great facilities and courses

    If you need to know anything feel free to PM me

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    Jul. 2, 2002
    North Island, New Zealand

    Default Hi JER ;-)

    YOu need to come back here again and bring N.E. with you ;-)

    Auckland is awesome. I live slightly northwest of the city (30mins to the city in non rush hour). I am 15mins from the beach, plus we have a huge facility about 10mins away where there is a show on every single weekend all year round. ( . In summer/spring there are at least 6-8 shows on (dressage, hunter/jumper, horse trials/endurance etc) every weekend at different locations, all within a 45min drive.

    We have at least 10 XC schooling courses within a 30min drive, and another 10 if we want to drive 45mins. I live next door to a 5000 acre forest for nice riding, plus another forest 3 times the size is only 10mins away. What else...

    Horses are inexpensive, keeping them is cheap - full board is just starting to be a popular option in Auckland as most do self care. No need to stable as the weather is VERY mild.

    Woodhill Sands runs 6 horse trials per year, from beginner novice level through to advanced. Just this weekend alone they are running a hunter/jumper show. You pay $15 ($8USD) as a facility fee, then on top of that you just pay per class. Jumper classes are about $10 ($6USD) each, hunter classes about $8 ($8USD) each. CHEAP! Prize money for most classes too.

    There are horse trials on all over the upper north island, and I can go to 7 different recognised HT's/CCI's without having to drive further than 2.5 hours. Entry fees for HT's run around $50 ($30USD) for training level up to around $80 ($50USD) for advanced. CCI entry fees vary, but arent that expensive. Oh, and all of our HTs have prize money. First place at prelim level is usually around $200 and goes back to 6th place.

    Really, there isnt' much to dislike!!

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    Oct. 25, 2005


    Hope you don't mind me bumping this up! I'm planning to study abroad in at Victoria-Wellington University in NZ in spring of 2010 and am just interested in the horse scene in general. Thanks everyone for the advice so far!

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    Oct. 28, 2007


    Quote Originally Posted by theblondejumper View Post
    Hope you don't mind me bumping this up! I'm planning to study abroad in at Victoria-Wellington University in NZ in spring of 2010 and am just interested in the horse scene in general. Thanks everyone for the advice so far!
    You're kidding - that's where I'm in school!!! PM me and I'll send you some links.

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