He was my daughter's first horse and I would just like to find out if he's okay or if he needs a good retirement home! Here is his information: Gelding, bay - no markings, JC# 9136232 (lip tatoo would be U36232), 15'2 and light-boned. He was shown as a hunter in shows up to A Circuit. Some of the shownames used for him were "Run With It" and "Samson". I believe that he was sold through Brawley Farms out of Jefferson, Oregon in 2005 or 2006. He may have been sold by a family named Stepanek. Someone mentioned that they thought he went to California. He was a very nice size for a small teenager and I wouldn't be surprised if he's being used as a school horse. He was a cribber.

Any information I can find on Sam would be wonderful. Thanks for reading!