Jack is a dog that pulled at my heartstrings when I saw his picture on the internet. He was a senior dog dumped at the shelter after his owners no longer wanted him. Although I didn't need another dog, I pulled Jack from the pound in hopes to find him a better life and a loving family. Senior dogs just have a special place in my heart and it kills me to see them at the pound.

Our vet estimates Jack to be around 10ish years old. He is in VERY good health, now has good weight, all his teeth and does not act his age at all. He is happy being an outside dog and not too crazy about being inside (but I'm sure that could be worked on.) He is not house broke but is crate trained. He stayed in a HUGE crate in my house when it got really cold outside this past winter at night and never had an accident.

He LOVES people, gets along fine with kids and most dogs. I have not really tested him around cats but he doesn't bark at them. I do have the feeling he would chase my chickens if given the chance though.

Jack is up to date on all of his shots and heartworm preventative. He is on Heartguard. He is not neutered.

I would love to find Jack a forever home and am only asking $30 for the rehoming fee. That is FAR less than money we have invested in his health. Please consider adding this Love Bug to your family. He has PLENTY of years left in him. You would never know he was a senior.

Jack is located in Mt. Plesant, NC near the Cabarrus/Stanly county border. If interested, please email me at graceridgefarms@yahoo.com or call 704-363-2824. Please email for pictures!

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CROSSPOST. Jack is not in any danger but I did not pull him to keep. I have 6 dogs of my own already, most seniors and just wanted to give the old guy more time to find a forever family.