Have a friend who is making arrangements to have a semi load of Timothy/Alfalfa shipped down from NY. Have several, including myself who are going in on it, need a couple more interested parties/small barns. Hay is good quality, still feeding last years, which is about a 60/40. My new filly loves it, and I can't justify paying the same price for crappy local coastal hay. Cost should run between $6 & $6.75 per bale. We are located in Conway, SC, which is just inland from Myrtle Beach. Those interested need to contact my friend, Karen, at 843-397-3831 & leave a message letting her know Suz put you in touch. She's in and out at all hours, so if she doesn't get back with you, just contact me and I'll get the message to her, as she's temporarily keeping my filly until my fencing is back up.