Peppermint Patty has been missing from her Washington state pasture since April 2007. She would now be 12 years old. She is a well-trained jumper but spooky. She is a dark chestnut with 4 white socks and long blaze that ends in a snip. She has a scar on her left pastern and is 66” (16.2 hands) at shoulder. She is registered with the American Warmblood Registry but we did not brand, tattoo, or otherwise mark her. By now, of course, she might be.

We bred, trained and showed Patty. We own her father (a jumper named Big Boy), still. Her mother was our foundation broodmare (now deceased) and Patty was her last foal. So, Patty has a lot of sentimental attachment for us. We would happily take her back but the most important thing is just knowing that she is okay (and where, in the world, is she???). I want to stress that this post is about gathering information. I have read many stories of people being reunited with horses through this forum and I thought I would try one last avenue. She has been gone so long, we have thoroughly mourned her loss. Still, I have a hope that one day someone will see her at a show and recognize her.

Although she started in Washington state, she could be anywhere in the US so please look at the chestnut mares wherever you are and see if one of them looks like Patty. thank you.