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Dear fellow horse owners,

The tough economy doesn’t make this any easier when there are so many good, sound horses available but I’m looking to find a new home for an aged gelding who would make a kind companion or baby-sitter.

“Delight’s Hot Pepper” is a 23 year-old, 15 h. bay Tennessee Walking Horse gelding. I have known Pepper since 1997 and took over caring for him in 2006. In 2007, he was diagnosed with a neurologic disorder that causes intermittent instability in his hind end, making him unsafe to ride. Under saddle, his hind end will occasionally slip out from underneath. He has always managed to catch himself and I have never seen this happen in the pasture, but for liability sake, he is represented here as pasture sound only—not to be used for riding.

Pepper is currently boarded in the Brandywine Valley but since we no longer ride, I would like to place him with a responsible horse owner who can provide Pepper with a good home for the rest of his life, preferably on your own property.

Pepper is in good health otherwise and is current on vaccinations. He is shod up front but could possibly go barefoot. He’s an easy-keeper, easy to catch, trim, clip, load, etc. He’s very affectionate and loves human company, he had been used for field trials in his previous life so he doesn’t mind dogs; can be left alone in the barn or pasture. He is a sweet baby-sitter and is the first choice to be paired with new arrivals at his barn or to keep stall-bound horses company.

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Please forward this to anyone you know who would be interested in providing a permanent home for this sweet guy.

Thank you!
Additional post regarding this horse:

I’m holding off contacting any rescue organization until I’ve exhausted personal contacts. The rescues are just swamped with young, sound horses. I’m hoping someone familiar with Tennessee Walkers will recognize him from his field trial days. I’ve lost touch with the woman who sold him to my friend in 1997 and hoping she will see this.

Thanks again!