She's a red roan Appaloosa mare with a blanket, a white sock on her left hind and a blaze. She should be around 14-16 years old. 15 hands. She was sold to a younger girl, the family had one other horse... who - if I remember correctly - was too much horse for the little girl (which is why they were looking for another horse, I think). They were boarding at a barn in southern California. Horse was lazy, but also pretty talented and had a lot of heart. I'm fairly certain the little girl rode hunters. When I owned her we competed eventing, mainly out of Copper Meadows.

I sold this horse a little over a year ago. Unfortunately my instructor and my parents did most of the communication with the family that bought her, as I was a few hours away at college. I did get to meet them twice, but I never had any of their contact information.

If she sounds at all familiar to you, I would love to hear from you. This was truly my once in a lifetime horse and I am dying to know how she's doing.