I have a wonderful sweet TB named Furious Lad. He was taken to Shipshewana IN auction in Sept 2004. They called him Kramer at the auction. He is a black bay with no white. He is 15'3hands, refined, and has a beautiful head and eye. I was able to decipher his lip tattoo by taking a photo and changing the skin pigment color. He was born in Kentucky at Coal Ridge farm in April 1990. His dam was Little Bay Fury and his sire was Tall Legs. His grand sire was Alledge. He raced three times. His last race was in Detroit in 1993.I think he won $147. in his career. He has a forever home with me. He loves people and I am sure he was given much love by someone or several people in his lifetime. He may have been used as a hunter, but he is fearful of jumps, now. He may have had an accident because his left hind hoof has a healed crack from the wall to the coronary band. I would love to know more about his life. Also,
to let who ever loved him, know that he is quite the charmer and has a good life. He is restricted to walk-trot work with a rider, but loves his mad gallops around his field. I swear he has a since of humor.