I am looking to find a good home for my 8 yr old 14 hand bay mustang mare. She has awsome ground manners and loves to be pet and groomed. Will stand for hours and will follow you around in the paddock. She gets along with mares and geldings and is the easiest keeper. She needs no shoes and can hold a good sized adult. Her only issue is she is STUBBORN! I only have time to ride her once a week or once every other week and she will plant her feet and do a small buck if she puts her mind to it that she does not want to go somewhere. You can ride her out of it but she needs to be ridden a few times a week to make progress. She will w/t in the ring and w/t/c on the trails and go over and through everything. She will make a fantastic kids horse someday or trail pony but is not ready for kids to be by themselves yet. good for pony rides though. I just do not have the time for her training or funds If you are interested she is located in middleboro, ma. I will require references!