I have a percheron cross (looks mostly percheron to me, though :~) that I recently put up for sale to buy hubby a horse to trail ride. I think we've found him a horse to lease, so that means I don't need the money and I'd prefer to lease him out for no cost, to a good situation locally.

All black with white star, Percheron cross (was a pmu foal)

6-7 years old, 16.3 hands aprox. 1500 lbs.

Very big boy, huge draft feet and thick, powerful legs... built like a tank. Started on trails in October 2007, ridden english and western. Currently being ridden in an arena and does well.

Awesome personality- in your pocket wants to do whatever you are doing and will follow you around the pasture while you scoop poop, just to hang out with you. Loves to watch little kids play. Gets along well with other horses, easily finds a place in the pecking order without a lot of drama.

Has always been barefoot, has good solid hooves. Mostly self trims easily and the trimmer just rolls the edges and takes a very little off his heels.

Very easy keeper, he really doesn't eat much more than my light horse and maintains weight with some hay left at the next meal. Currently on about 50/50 orchard grass and alfalfa and gets supplemented with a little beet pulp, rice bran, black oil sunflower seeds 4 days a week. (I like to add a little extra fiber and fat to their diets, but I don't know that they NEED it)

Super easy to worm (eats it like a snack) and give shots. Up to date on worming and vax (4 way and west nile)

Trailers quietly, loads easily (needs extra tall/extra wide). Enjoys baths, especially in the summer. Full tail and double mane. He has beautiful dappling that you can really see in his summer coat.

Pete's a fantastic guy and my family all really loves him. He is only available to the *right* home.

We currently have an old, semi-retired appy and are looking for another been-there-done-that type of mare or gelding so that horse back riding can be more of a family venture.

Pete has been off for the winter and has been back in part time work for the last month. His refresher is going well, can give you all the details of where his progress is. He turns on the forehand, has a nice stop and a slow but willing and steady back up. Pete's learning to sidepass and has nice walk to trot and trot to walk transitions... is a little reluctant to get back into the canter. I am happy to share info about his progress with you if you are interested.

He really is a good boy. Needs more time and miles to continue building confidence on the trails. So far I've ridden him mostly with other riders on seasoned trail horses. He really does well following and was learning to build confidence leading occassionally as well. He's pretty mellow, but not mellow enough that I could ride him out and take a beginner out on our other horse. He handles most things in stride and at worst will skoot away from something and turn around and look at it like what the #@%!

We'd like to find him a home that he'll be used at least 3 days a week on average. He'd love another trail riding home with someone that has a good seat, light hands and is consitant and calm. I've been toying with the idea of doing some schooling shows with him this year- I'm sure he'd love all the activity of that as well. He has nice movement and a floaty trot.

If you are interested, please email me with your questions and some information about yourself (location, riding style, etc) and I will get back to you a.s.a.p.

We can exchange more info and set up a time so that you can come meet him, see me handle him and ride him and, if you are still interested, you can ride him and see if the match is right.

There is a round pen and covered arena with great footing to try him out (and if you're local and looking for a place to board, there is an opening coming up so you could possibly keep him at the facility where we are located now.)

I'd love if someone wanted to keep him boarded at the current location, but as long as he's close enough for me to check in on, he can be moved. He's a love bug and I ADORE him, I just don't want him to sit without being used. Experienced rider/horsepeople only :~)

Must be comfortable and confident around large horses. I'm not sure how to post pictures here but his sale ad is http://sacramento.craigslist.org/grd/1128927132.html

Again, this is dependant on the other lease working out for us, but so far everything looks good. And I'd rather lease out my guy instead of selling him.

Please pm me if interested and we can chat.