Our friend got two kittens two weeks ago, at eight weeks, for her nine year old daughter. The daughter turned out to be severley allergic so they are now living in our tackroom until they find a home.

They were born Feb. 9th of this year and are sisters from the same litter. Roxy is a long-haired tuxedo female with the BEST personality. She is very happy to be a lap cat and purr away, but can also be convinced to play and is a riot. Billabong is all black and short haired, except for long tufts coming out of her ears. She is very sweet, but enjoys playing more than cuddling.

They are completely litter box trained and enjoy playing with our barn cats when they are given time out of the tackroom to play. Roxy isn't so sure about the dogs yet but Billabong seems to care less about them. They are very sweet and would do well as either barn or house cats. Will post pictures in the next day or so.