I bought a 9 year old mare that was supposed to be able to event (my own fault for believing the owner's story of course-that won't happen again!) but she's off and on sound. Old splint break/hock/suspensory scarring (that the previous two owners neglected to mention-but they weren't too thrilled when I got hold of the xrays, ultrasounds and the vet reports!). Rode sound and quiet where I bought her from, but is pretty forward even after a month of settling in. When I discussed her "sudden" lameness after I brought her home with the seller I even got the old "maybe it's not the same horse that the registration papers say it is". Anyway, I don't want to be the third owner who dumps her, so am looking for a home for her ASAP. Could be a trail horse, or lesson horse with some work. Rides pretty sound with Bute. Turns out with anything. Prefers to live out. Photos and more info