I have just been sent a message from a couple friends that have been boarding their horses with us for the past couple years and they have asked us to find them new homes, if possible.

My Chix Sweetie Pie is an older mare (1989 model), but is still sound for light trails and easy pleasure riding. I don't know that I'd do a weekend trip or anything extensive with her at this point, but maybe if she got back into shape.

She's been nothing but a pasture puff for the past 2 years since she was brought here as her owners drive a big rig and have simply been paying us to take care of them. They had plans time and time again to take their horses to Washington to their daughter, but things have just not worked out for them.

Pie is not for a beginner and would need a confident rider as she has always been a bit headstrong when you first get on her. She settles down after a few minutes and then she's easy going. At least, that is what I'm told, and she has not been ridden for about a year or so now.

She's an easy keeper, and gets along with other horses if you pasture board her somewhere. I am not sure how she trailers. She was in one when she got here, but hasn't been moved off the property since - so, all I know is that they were able to get her in there to move her here.

She is chestnut/sorrel, no socks, and has a blaze. If interested, I'm sure I could go out there and ask her to stand still for a portrait.


PM me if interested.

They also have a 29 or 30 year old OTTB here that they also asked us to rehome, but she would require special attention on feed as she is completely toothless and has to live on mash. She's still completely sound and they rode her regularly before they went on the road for work.

I know some people have soft spots for these aged wonders that just seem to keep on going - and she's just as fiesty as our 4 year old mare! - so if you are one of those and might be interested in her, please let me know.