I recently purchased a 10 hand pony for my 3 yo daughter for her birthday. To make a long story short, the pony is not what she was made out to be and of course previous owner will not return messages. My daughter is pony crazy and of course in love with it anyways. I feel the pony is too much for her undersaddle at times and I don't want to ruin her confidence. She is a timid child and remembers bad experiences. I would like to find her another pony before we find this one another home to lesson the eventual heartache she will have. We are a knowledgable horse family who live in MI in the summer and FL in the winter. I would like something small enough for her to handle herself and something we can take to some fun shows this summer. Does not need to be young but I would prefer something young enough and sound enough for my younger daughter to have when she is ready. I need something that is willing to be a best friend for a little girl who just wants to love on it, talk to it, play with it, etc. Even a larger mini would be fine as long as it is very calm to ride. Nothing green, with bad pony habits, etc. Just a gentle soul that loves children. The pony will receive nothing but the best of care for life in exchange for the care of my children. I am going to be much more careful this time around so I will be asking lots of questions.

Thank you in advance.