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    Default Can you help a pair of hounds in VA?

    This was posted by one of the members of the motorcycle forum I belong to...basically, he and his girlfriend adopted two puppies that were presented as beagles. Unfortunately, after a few months, it became clear that the pair are NOT beagles but are foxhound mixes. He's looking to place them in a new home with space for them to be happy foxhounds. If anyone has any thoughts, please let me know....thanks.

    Here's his original post:

    "The basic run down. My gf has a beagle and myself a collie mix. We were looking to add a female beagle to our family and looked for months for a rescue that had one. We eventually came across a woman in Casanova, va that had a litter of "beagle" pups for adoption. We luved them so much we took two (male and female). Well around 4 months old (like 2 weeks of ownership), we noticed they were quickly growing larger, equal to the size of our beagle. Come to find out, they were American foxhounds (or a mix of) and now at 7 months old, they are over 40+ lbs and sadly not enjoying the .25 acres of land we have for them. This has hit me especially hard since I love dogs and they are my children at heart, i'm actually starting to cry a little typing this. We are forced to leave them outside alot because they just do not have any ability to learn obedience. We've tried a number of methods and many times they just ignore logic in the search for love, often barreling even myself over in the attempt to get it (i am 290 lbs!). They also tend to want to howl when in the crate at night and alot when they are outside and want attention or protective of the yard. My gf is afraid the ppl living around us as well are not enjoying this and feel its unfair to put them through the continuous noise they make at night when they do not want to be in the crate.

    I finally decided to see if we can give them up to a good home. My love for the pups blinded me from my gf's exhaust with dealing with the situation and we searched for a suitable home. Hunt clubs and foxhound groups all told us that they didn't want mutts and even if they were not, they had no bloodline to trace them back too. I was so angry when I heard this since they are a working dog non the less!! We went to local shelters and all of them told us no, they would not find homes for them since they are foxhounds.

    We are lost at this point since even rescue groups are telling us to just knock on doors out in the country and hope for the best. I love them too much to do such a thing and would really like to see an actually family looking to adopt a working dog with the land to let them enjoy life they were meant to."
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    Default Hounds need home

    If they are spayed/neutered then I will be happy to take them on our horse farm in hunt country - they have plenty of room to run here.

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