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    Godspeed Sierra.

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    May. 13, 2008


    RIP Sierra.

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    Hello All, this is Mr. Mtn trails and I want to thank you all for your heartfelt condolances and I want to share a story with you about a previous horse that I had to put down. Here it is as published in our horse club newsletter. Thanks again.

    Many things in life stick with us affecting us for years to come and none more than our first horse. Hopefully yours was a good and memorable experience. Mine was and his name was ―Fly. He was an appy/arab cross that I bought ―broke to ride at the age of eight. He soon learned to be a great mountain trail horse and through the years we bonded into a very close team. We both knew each other inside and out until, due to a medical condition, I was forced to end his life. One part of me accepted the fact that our animal partners will not out live us and another side of me struggled with the nagging question: if he could rationalize like we can, would he hold it against me for terminating his life?

    That question was answered one day after lunch at work. While listening to the news on the radio, I slipped into a dream state like I have never experienced before. I walked along a trail in heavy timber that ended into a lush green field with every type and color of horse as far as the eye could see. It confused me at first that not even one of these critters acknowledged my presence. They grazed peacefully as I walked through them while not one even flicked an ear. Nor did they stir after I spotted Fly and called his name. He lifted his head from the ground, nickered, and came to me at a trot prancing a large circle around me and eventually trotting off to graze. I knew. I had my answer.
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