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    May. 25, 2003
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    Arrow my 2 cents!

    Somewhere I learned that what matters most is weather their feet are in water; not whether their feet have shoes. That's why 3 horses standing together might have 2 get struck. Those 2 were in the right vicinity and water conducts electricity for a zone of "x" feet from the point of strike at the ground. 3rd horse was just out of the zone or ground he was standing on didn't conduct or wasn't wet enough or something. So whether is raining maybe matters most?

    All I know is that my 4 go to the highest hill IN THE OPEN! and stand like statues whenever there's a bad storm. But I have a zillion tall trees so I feel like the trees are going to and have been struck more likely. So I worry about their vicinity to possible strike trees. I think they may be safer in an open area near tall trees!!! I kinda worry but feel like it's a statistical unlikelihood that it'll happen. And if it does; I think it's a good way to go for them....and me......

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    When stormy weather is predicted, I watch the weather radar on . I bring the horses in before it gets to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MistyBlue View Post we have mountain top with tick infested rabid land sharks....should I add bling? That can sometimes scare me a little bit. Like sparkly ticks on the landshark?
    Wouldn't you love to see the stick art for that? Especially if the mountaintop-dwelling, sparkly-tick infested land shark was rabid because he was BITTEN BY A KITTEN.
    I'm not ignoring the rules. I'm interpreting the rules. Tamal, The Great British Baking Show

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