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    Dec. 22, 2008


    I'm graduating in SIX WEEKS with my BSN! So is a ton of work, but if you want to ride, you'll manage. Also wanted to be an OB nurse when I went into school, and now I'd like nothing to do with that and have found my niche in critical care! That happens to a lot of people, so don't get your heart set on one area, be open to everything when you start.

    I'm in Boston and starting pay around here from what I've heard is anywhere from $25-$30/hr base pay with varying differentials. Most places give a raise within 6 months.

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    Apr. 8, 2005


    Not a nurse yet, but hoping to get into one of the RN programs this fall, or maybe LPN to get into a decent paying job quicker. After I got fired last fall (factory job) I had to do something that would eventually pay the bills, so I'm back in school at age 43! I'd been thinking about nursing school for several years, and getting canned quickly lit the fire under my arse.

    I'm guessing school will be the hardest part. Studying takes much more time and effort that working 40+ hours a week, which I'd done for almost 15 years and still had time for too many horses. I love it that most nursing jobs are 12 hr. shifts - it's at least one less day a week to have to drive to and from work, fewer uniforms to wash, etc. And 12 hrs of OT at a time is my idea of great- I'll work tons of OT in the winter and any family-type holidays, just let me have about 10 weekends in the summer to show and I'll be happy!

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    Jun. 15, 2004


    I have been an RN for 14 years. I have done everything from ortho, psych, geriatrics, med-surg and now rehab. To work full time "on the floor" is mentally and physically exhausting. Don't get me wrong, I do love my job, but I recommend something else to most people.

    My eldest niece is obtaining her occupational therapy degree. The younger niece, physicians assistant.

    Be prepared for long hours that aren't "banker hours." Work on weekends and holidays, and to be required to come in on days off for training.

    I make enough money to keep one horse modestly. I go to three local A shows and a handful of local non-rated shows a year. By the time I'm done with mortgage, bills and other expenses there isn't a whole lot left over. I do also work night shirt to make extra money--that is even more exhausting. I am too tired to ride on one of my 12 hour shift days, so that leaves 4 days optimally a week to go to the barn.

    I would recommend to you something else in the medical field such as pharmacist or physical, occupational, or speech therapy!
    Nobody puts baby in a corner

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    Feb. 6, 2008


    Bear in mind the ability to get weekends off is a regional thing - where I am, ain't gonna happen The thought of getting ten weekends off in the summer would be laughed at. We are REQUIRED to work every second weekend - you can trade, but that still means you work a weekend (at my facility you can only trade a weekend for a weekend. They discovered people were trading off every weekend so some people with lower seniority would get stuck working every Saturday. They put the kibosh on that).

    Also - keep in mind - mandatory overtime. That means - if your replacement doesn't show up, you HAVE TO STAY. OT time is nice, but there is a nursing shortage - I have to stay - A LOT. You basically cannot refuse. They have gone so far as to threaten to report nurses who want to leave with "abandonment of patients" - something you can lose your license for. Think about it - your license is ALWAYS at stake. Lose it, and you are unemployed. I have had to cancel more than one lesson because of this

    Just food for thought. It is NOT an easy job.

    Also - get ready to spend a lot of holidays with your friends - at work Also mandatory in many settings

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    May. 8, 2004


    What a great thread! I have been thinking about going back to school for a nursing degree for the last few years and now that my children are almost grown and gone, I'm pursuing it. It's a big change for an English major, but I am very excited. Any suggestions for an, ahem, 'mature' woman going back to school, juggling the last of the kids before they're out of the nest as well as a farm?

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    Mar. 6, 2001


    Nurse and equestrian here too!

    I graduated from a BSN program over twenty years ago. I worked med/surg for 1.5years, had my only child and have worked part-time ever since. 1-2 days /week , I opted out of the 12 hour shifts (thank goodness) Our weekend schedule has changed after 20 years and I went from every other weekend to every third weekend, and am now every fourth weekend. Rumor has it we may be looking at every 6th weekend.
    Nursing has been great with regard to family and offers soooooo many options and respectable pay. I am presently a OB Labor and Delivery nurse for 20 years at a Magnet recognized hospital system and love what I do. It is not easy and it constantly challenges me (not always a bad thing!!!). It certainly is physically and mentally exhausting at times. I would be bored doing other things. I've also investigated Legal Nurse consulting and presently work per diem for a nursing school and teach the Clinical portion to students at my hospital in the Obstetrical area. Love it!!!
    Also, teach riding at a show barn! Through the years, I kept up my riding on a moderate level, as my daughter developed my passion as well, and I supported her through her equestrian endeavors from L eadline to riding in college. Thank Goodness for nursing and the flexibility it can offer.

    As far as , nursing school, I always found a way to ride. I loved it too much not to. I was a working student for a trainer.

    bright white stockings , I see you live near me. Where are you thinking of nursing school?

    Best of Luck!

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