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View Poll Results: Greenie vs. Made horse?

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  • Go with the greenie, save money, train him up your way

    54 49.09%
  • Go with the made horse, life is short - show and enjoy it

    56 50.91%
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    CRJ Guest

    Talking Greenbean all the way

    I say greenie It's great to watch them come along and see not only their progress but what YOU'VE taught them. Even better when they eventually go on to teach all they now know to a new novice rider and you can look on proudly. For me, that's the reward. Finding that little gem in the rough. It's just not something you can get with a "made" horse. Besides, with all that money you'll be saving, if troubles arise you'll afford some training/lessons!

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    Mar. 14, 2009


    If you can afford it, I say go with the Made, but I voted Green, since that is what "I" go for. I have never bought a Made horse..... $$ always being a factor, and I enjoy finding Diamonds in the rough....
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    Dec. 19, 2007


    In my mind it's more rewarding to show and win on something that you put all your hard work and energy into.

    I know it would feel more rewarding to me if I won a class or two on my greenie that I trained then it would be to win on an already made horse.

    It's also incredibly rewarding to watch my greenie learn along the way.

    And I train him the way I want.

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    Dec. 28, 2001
    over yonder


    Quote Originally Posted by ThoroughbredFancy View Post
    In my mind it's more rewarding to show and win on something that you put all your hard work and energy into.
    I buy greenies because they are what I can afford and I enjoy the process. I have some friends that have bought very nice made horses. I do not think that they put any less work and energy into it than I do.
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    Aug. 8, 2007
    North Carolina


    I voted made horse because all Ive ever ridden (with the exception of one) has been a greenie. Ive been the one thats turned him into a made horse. Ive gotten tired of starting over each time. None of these horses were mine, so it didnt really make it worth it.

    The horse that I rode that was a made horse was awesome. I learned alot and was able to focus more on my goals than the horse's because he had been there, done that.

    Greenies are nice because they are typically cheaper, but I prefer a made horse if I can afford it.

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    Jan. 19, 2004
    Aberdeen, Scotland


    I've said greenie, but it depends on how green! A green horse with the basics of walk, trot, canter and well handled with some initial exposure to whatever discipline you want to do is really what I mean.

    I'm a fairly average amateur rider with ten years riding experience and I bought my first young horse nearly two years ago. He was a 'young' 5 year old with the basics I mention above. It has taken a lot of work and patience but he is now a lovely 7 year-old I can take confidently into the ring and know he will perform for me.

    If I hadn't moved to the UK, I'm sure I wouldn't have bought a greenie for myself. However, that's what people here do and if I hadn't, I'd never know how it feels to stand in the lineup after a class and know that I was responsible for that success.

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