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    Aug. 21, 2007


    I guess it's time to get rid of the horse and put a pack of pit bulls in the back yard - then the Granby's might have something to worry about! (And they would be more than happy with "just a horse" after that.

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    Jun. 16, 2008


    Quote Originally Posted by Leather View Post
    One night she forgot to lock the door from the garage into the house, and awoke to the sound of what she though was a blown radiator pouring out water.

    Turns out the horse had let itself into the house and was peeing in the entryway.
    Oh my, I can just picture that. If he was anything like my boys, he'd have flooded the place

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    Nov. 3, 2008


    This reminds me a bit of a newspaper article I read about a year or so ago. Lady had a small acreage that she kept her horse on. No house or anything, just an undeveloped lot if I remember right. A subdivision was built against one side of her property and the new neighbours started making various complaints about the horse and wanted it gone, even though the zoning allowed for horses and they must have seen the horse before they bought their homes.
    Anyhow the newspaper article was about the pigs she'd moved in after she moved the horse out. Lots of pigs. With smelly sheds/pens built beside the neighbours fence line with automatic feeders that run day and night and are apparently loud. Apparently the lot was zoned for pigs too
    Maybe these folks need pigs.

    I wish I had the link

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    Quote Originally Posted by tkhawk View Post
    She can't raise a family because there is a horse next door?
    Some folks!
    Fast forward 20 years, kid is now 26 year old adult in therapy.."yeah doc, it all started when the horse moved in...up until then life was perfect..."

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    Feb. 19, 2008


    I really, really, really hate whiny, nosy neighbors. :/

    "This is a hazard to my neighbors, to my children. I'm trying to raise my family here and I can't."
    That was my favorite quote, by far. Rofl. Gotta wonder what those poor people out in the country do, surrounded by varmits keeping them from raising their families?!

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