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    Oops, going to correct myself.
    Baby, I just saw your last post and am glad to see that you are going to stay in school. Sorry for the aggressive tone, but I really was pissed off about the whole "rape" thread. Usually, I think that I am more sympathetic.
    But you may still want to consider the Peace Corp. I know so many people who did it and it took them in directions they never would have imagined. Just one example, there is a great need for theraputic riding trainers in many counties.
    No one puts Baby in a corner...
    Best to you.

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    ...No one puts Baby in a corner...

    Arh, arh!

    Baby, watch "Dirty Dancing!"
    Sorry! But that barn smell is my aromatherapy!
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    When I was a college student, I wanted NOTHING to do with school, unless it was horse related.

    I got the BS in Equine Sciences, rode every semester to the highest level the school offered, competed.....the works.

    Worked in the industry for a while, but grew VERY tired of working for unreasonably eccentric rich people and having to pay for my own health insurance. I ended up with a (gasp...the horrors!) desk job that pays ok and has great benefits with wonderful vacation time......I love that vacation time.

    If I could do it all again, I would have

    A) Majored in a field that is HIGHLY paid!

    B) Minored in Equine Sciences to fullfill my horsey needs while in school

    But hey, when you're 18, you think the only time is "now". (sigh)

    If I were to give you advice, it would be to find a major that has a high percentage of job placement and salary potential. Then you'll have all you need to pursue your horse interests on your own terms and with your own money.

    I wish I had listened to those who told me the same thing all those years ago!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby View Post
    Thank you all for your replies. I currently live at home so that I can help my parents afford to send me all over to ride. I still have no idea what I'm going to do. Obviously, the school as a means to an end is the more practical option and probably the one that I will take. However, I know that I'll always wonder what would've happened if I went overseas. If only we could go back after we know the answers.
    I went to Uni for 2 years, then worked at an event yard in Scotland for a year, then back to Uni for a year, then to Ireland to event.

    You CAN do it all. What if you just went working overseas in the summers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jealoushe View Post
    I went to Uni for 2 years, then worked at an event yard in Scotland for a year, then back to Uni for a year, then to Ireland to event.

    You CAN do it all. What if you just went working overseas in the summers?
    The thing is, it would be a trade off between having the perfect horse who would pack me around to 1.40 (when i get there!!) and training with a really small BNT where I get a lot of personal attention or leaving it all to pursue my wanderlust. BNT told me good luck in finding a working student position with my current skills (I can jump competitively around the adult jumper divs!!! and its only my first year doing jumpers) because there are a lot of good and talented riders in europe who can't even get working student positions. Yet I see really great looking positions on Yard and Groom...

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