2 free horses in NJ. (Will have a check on you to receive them, though.)

Miss Puzzle is a 16.2 hand Draft/belgian mare. Red and white paint. She is 5/6 years old and has her ground work done. w/t/c on the lunge line, takes her bit and bridle, saddle and has had a rider on her back and walked around. She DOES have arthritis in her ankles (there are x-rays of them) so she can not be a jumper or dressage horse, as she wont be able to handle the jumping or the circles. Flat hunters, or trails are in her future. Very quiet, sensible and not spooky. Big sweatheart that has the potential to be a hubby horse, or for a beginner with training.

Located in Chesterfield/crosswicks, NJ.

She can be seen on my website and i can email you other pictures if interested.

Other mare i am working with 3 days a week. She is a 12 year old QH mare. Is not working out as a hubby horse for her owner, so they are finding her a new home so that they might be able to find a new horse.

Tessa is a registered QH mare. She is chestnut with a stripe. 15.2 hands and 12 years old. Hunters/western pleasure. Is not for a beginner as she does worry under saddle, and needs her rider to give her confidence. likes quiet legs (get her going and then kinda just sit there) due to a previous owner over doing with kicking and spurs. Holds a nice headset with a fat snaffle, no shanks for her please (she will stand up a little with anything stronger). Has jumped, 2ft and does well, and has been to a few shows in the past, but not for a few years. Happier when turned out 24/7 (also keeps her not so worried), and is a love bug. (very much enjoys her gums being rubbed. lol).

also pictures of her can be seen on my website.

Please feel free to email me with any questions and i can pass you along to the right people (foster moms and owners)

Thank you for your time