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    Oct. 19, 2005
    Richlands, NC

    Default Pretty Black male Pittbull

    Hey There!

    If anyone has a rescue group he could go to, please let me know. I have three dogs and a large horse farm. He is not in danger of being euthanized and will remain at my farm in Eastern NC until the right home is found. Here is his story:

    I was going to pick up a horse and was in the middle of no where and a dog ran in front of my truck and trailer. He was in bad shape so I stopped and went over to him, he collapsed in a ditch, exhausted. He is a dog that should weigh 75 pounds and weighed 22 when I brought him to the vet. I have never seen a dog that was so thin. I brought him to my farm and he has put on a ton of weight and muscle. He has obviously had a bad life and needs to be socialized.

    He is very sweet, a little shy but not aggressive. He is beautiful to look at! I think he just needs his own person to love him.

    The only shelter in my area is a high kill shelter ( they kill 1500 animals a month, tragic). I hope that someone will adopt him or know of a rescue group that could take him. He is worth it as he is very sweet. He should hate the world for the way he has been treated.

    Thanks for looking!


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    Sep. 24, 2008

    Default Pretty Black male Pitbull

    Glad you came along to find him.He certainly would not have lived much longer. Good luck. Poor but lucky boy.

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    Jul. 13, 2008


    Quote Originally Posted by Fast First View Post
    The only shelter in my area is a high kill shelter ( they kill 1500 animals a month
    Jesus. That's a lot of animals, even taking into account the cats. There are a lot of pit bull rescues out there; be careful which one you pick. There are worse things than euthanasia for a homeless dog - one is being in a kennel or foster limbo for years, another is ending up shot by a cop after a bad placement.

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    Jul. 6, 2005


    Fast First, you have a PM.

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    Oct. 19, 2005
    Richlands, NC

    Default pitbull

    Thanks for the info. He will always have a home here at my farm. I think he would do better in a one on one family.

    I agree, it is tragic that our shelter kills so many animals. We are right near a large military base. The animals only get 4 days until they die.

    I will check my PM!

    He is a stunning dog and very sweet.

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