Let's see...
#1- Dippy- Shelter rescue, had the double feet on both front legs. Owned the house.

#2- Dinah- I chose her out of the entire shelter of kittens for my 5th birthday. I liked her best b/c a) she was a "3-color" cat and b) she was the only one not making too much noise, and I wanted a cat that wouldn't wake me up at night. (Little did I know about how she would develope those lungs and night-time toe tackling in bed...) I found out years later when I was old enough that I really did rescue her, as the littler was thought to be only about 5-6 weeks old, left on the animal shelter doorstep, and they were scheduled to be put down at the end of the day since nobody had time or $ to put into them, and they were already at such a fragile state. We fed her milk replacement for a long time, and her first "kitty box" was the top of a show box- she couldn't even jump up onto a stair-step for a while. She lived with me for a wonderful 17.5 years, passing away just last fall very suddenly from a stroke. RIP, baby.

#3- Butterscotch- Mom's cat, who came from another rescue... sort of. Her Mamma was preggers when we lured her into my Grandmother's house, and we took her from there. She's now going on 15 next month.

#4- Ping and Pong- the dynamic duo who stole our hearts- and my dad's hood of his hoodie- while we were putting up fencing for the horses. They both appeared together, from who- knows- where, climbed up his shirt, and fell asleep together in his hood. They were something else together, and ganged up on all kinds of adventures, such as mousing, bird catching, and dog- scarring. Unfortunately, Pong is the only one left with us, as Ping got too close to the road... stupid speeding drivers... But Pong went into depression by herself out in the barn, and never is found out front of the house, so we got...

#5- Planke- Animal shelter rescue. Scrawney little thing, but befriended Pong easily, and now the two of them are the dynamic duo of the barn.

Now my Hubby and I are buying a house of our own, and I'm ready to look at getting another indoor cat again. I can't wait, and this thread has reinforced the rescue desire! Thanks for your stories!