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    Nov. 30, 2006
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    Default aw crap. how do I get rid of these?

    Got a new saddle. Oiled it. Then rode in my Tailoreds. Now there's a really pleasant stain in a really unpleasant spot. And I really can't afford a new pair.
    anyone have any tips for how to get them clean again?
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    Aug. 9, 2008


    I always use a stain remover like shout or something and spray the spot where it is stained pretty well and let them sit for like 5-10 minutes then toss in the washer

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    Nov. 20, 2006
    NW Indiana....hello?anyone?


    Or take them to the dry cleaner (if they are the dry cleaner kind) and let them know what it is from and they might be able to help you! Good luck that can be so annoying!!!!
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    Apr. 29, 2006


    I never did get the stain out of mine despite numerous treatments and washing. However, I didn't try the drycleaner route, so that might be a good option. Do that first before you wash them and set the stain even more.

    Good luck!

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    Oct. 30, 2006


    Be careful about letting detergent set too long on the stain to 'pre soak'. I had a few spotted mud stains on a brand new pair of Ariats. Put some detergent on it and let it set for a few hours, then washed. Well, the mud came out, and so did the color of the breeches in those spots It looked like camoflage. Oh I was so mad!!!
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    Be careful how much you put on. I use to get those stains too and now my TSs have weird fabric bubbles on where I frequently sprayed stuff. =/
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    Nov. 9, 2007


    ooh no!! never ride in your saddle with good breeches right after an oil. try taking it to the dry cleaners? then after that, maybe try, like, idunno, oxiclean? hah. damn billy mays..

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    Dec. 25, 2003
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    Oy vey. Next time you oil your saddle, ride in your jeans the first time. And right when you get a new saddle, ALWAYS ride in jeans for the first few rides...either that or old britches that you don't care about. Because, as you learned, the oil comes off on whatever you're wearing. You should be able to get the stains out in the washing machine though, or at the dry cleaners if they are dry clean only. I'd be a bit wary of using stain removers on your own though, because all fabrics react differently and it'd be a shame to ruin your britches because you sprayed something on them.

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    Mar. 4, 2007
    Ontario, Canada


    I think I used shout, and just chucked mine in the wash, now you can't even see any stains on them, and trust me everyone at my old barn used to get what we called 'childeric ass'. My friends also used baking soda and vinegar and a tooth brush to scrub the stains.

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    May. 6, 2007
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    OXYclean. Soak them overnight and throw them in the wash like normal. Clean!

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    Jun. 17, 2001
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    Childeric Ass..... Been there, done that.

    It eventually does wash almost completly out BUT I have all Ariats and all are easily washable.

    With the standard TS show breeches, think the dry cleaners is the place to start. Ya' know, if you look around, alot of peole have a little discoloration there, you don't notice because you don't look-niether does anybody else.

    At worst it will fade with repeated washings or cleanings. If they are the pricey ones marked dry clean only I would really watch it with the heavy duty spot removers and detergents. You can wreck them to the point they are not even good for schooling.

    Assume you have learned never to oil the seat and ride in good breeches, hope it does not turn into a way to expensive lesson.
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    Nov. 8, 2004


    Unfortunately, I have not had success getting those stains out. It was a lesson learned the hard way many years ago! Now I try to warn everyone ahead of time! Consider yourself the owner of a nice pair of schooling breeches! In addition, I would ride in that saddle and clean it with glycerine soap as much as possible to try to get up as much remaining oil as you can before you ride in it with new breeches.

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    Aug. 26, 2006


    Try dishwashing detergent - rub it in full strength and let it sit for a day, then wash in washer.

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